Here are Colorado’s top U.S. business schools — and the U.S. ones with the best-paid graduates

University of Colorado Boulder’s LEED School of Business came in 65th in U.S. News & World Report’s latest ranking of the best MBA programs in America.

CU Boulder tied with University of Arkansas — Fayetteville, with both seeing about 84 percent of graduates employed within three months of graduation.

CU Boulder grads see an average starting salary of $79,061. Its acceptance rate is 68.8 percent, U.S. News’ research found.

University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business came in second in Colorado, 92nd in the nation — tying with Clemson Univesity and North Carolina State University.

Harvard University and the University of Chicago tied for the top spot nationally, although both schools came up short in the one category that matters most to business school students: average starting salary.

U.S. News determined that at $159,815, the University of Pennsylvania’s MBA graduates had the highest average starting salaries among the nation’s MBA graduates last year. Coming in at No. 2 was Stanford University, whose average starting salary for MBA grads was $159,440 per year.

Harvard ranked third at $158,049, while Chicago was eighth at $151,085.

U.S. News bases its MBA rankings on factors such as employment rates, test scores and grade point averages — as well as starting salaries — for students at each school.

This week, the news and research site also released its annual ranking of best medical schools and law schools. Harvard topped the list of best medical schools, while Yale University topped the list of best law schools.

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